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Zoila Restobar

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Zoila Restobar

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Zoila Restobar

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Zoila Restobar

Welcome to Zoila, your culinary escape in the heart of Mumbai. At Zoila, we invite you to embark on a journey of flavors and experiences that will tantalize your taste buds.

Our carefully curated menu boasts a delightful array of options, from soul-warming soups and crisp, refreshing salads to mouthwatering appetizers and small plates perfect for sharing. For those craving Italian indulgence, our Pasta Main Course selections will transport you to Italy's finest kitchens. In addition to exceptional dining, Zoila offers the perfect ambiance for entertainment. Groove to the beats with our live music that elevate your dining experience. Zoila, where every visit promises a delicious journey of flavors, pulsating music, and warm hospitality!

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Unit No.1, Fun Republic Mall, Andheri West, Mumbai